Our School

Elementary and Junior High School

Grandview Heights Elementary and Junior High School is located at 6225 - 127th Street.  The school was establish in 1968.  Today the Junior High School offers the Academic Alternative Program, which makes it one of the most sought after junior high schools in Edmonton.

Shared Facility

Grandview pioneered the concept of the community and school sharing space and resources in a single building.  The community was built in 2000 as an extension of the existing school.  Both groups use the newer facility and share in the expenses.  

This project was such a success, that it is a model for other neighborhoods.

Recreation Areas

Playground and Park

The playground is located on the school grounds and was built in 2002 to be enjoyed by all.

The green space, trees, gazebo, pathways, climbing wall and other structures were designed to met the needs of our families, friends and residents of CapitalCare Grandview.

Hockey & Skating Rinks

Almost every winter events the sound of a puck hitting the boards can be heard near the Grandview Hockey Rink.  The Rink shack was refurbished in 2004 and the boards were replaced in 2007.

On the other side of the rink shack is a pleasure skating rink with a gazebo, fire pit area to get warm, enjoy hot chocolate or have a wiener roast.

If you would like to see some action on the rink, login to the following site and you can watch the action. You can use the username: webcamuser and password: webcam1!.

Tennis Courts

There are tennis courts available for those who enjoy tennis.

Keep Calm and Serve an Ace.

Outdoor Exercise Equipments

The outdoor exercise equipment was installed in 2011.

It gives everyone in the community an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while focusing on a healthy body.