Infill Survey

There have been increasing questions and concerns raised by Grandview Heights residents surrounding the permit application process and subsequent building of infills in the neighbourhood.  The community league board has created two surveys as tools to gather information from residents about the knowledge of and experience with the infill building process.   The first survey is for all households in Grandview.  The second is somewhat narrower in scope and is targeted to those households who have received correspondence from the city to provide feedback on permit applications for infill buildings very close to them.

The goals of gathering this information include:

  1. Ensuring that all residents are aware of the existing regulations governing the building of infills.
  2. Determining to what extent residents are aware of the ‘new build’ application process specifically how neighbours to a new build can provide input.
  3. Gathering ideas on how the community league AND Grandview Heights residents can be more involved in the process of approving permits for infills.
  4. Gathering ideas on how, as a community, we can communicate with realtors and developers to provide input during the very early planning stages of infill building.
  5. Providing cohesive feedback, on behalf of the entire community, to the city on ways that this process can be improved.

Please click on this survey link in order to participate in this information gathering process.

The second survey is for residents living adjacent to new builds.

Background Material 

The existing regulations and guidelines surrounding infills in Edmonton:

Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO)

GVH, like other mature neighbourhoods, is covered under the MNO bylaw

The purpose of this Overlay is to regulate residential development in Edmonton’s mature residential neighbourhoods, while responding to the context of surrounding development, maintaining the pedestrian-oriented design of the streetscape, and to provide an opportunity for consultation by gathering input from affected parties on the impact of a proposed variance to the Overlay regulations.

Residential Infill Guideline

Please contact Margaret Fisher at if you have any questions.

Thank you.