Neighbourhood Notice 122 Street Reconstruction

122 Street is getting reconstructed over June to October 2018 period. The City connected with the community league board in summer of 2016 to seek input and feedback about this project. That feedback has been incorporated in the planning of this project, details below.

Start and end date:
Start: Monday June 11th and working right until the end of the season (October 31, or later depending on weather).

Traffic will be down to one lane in each direction for the duration of construction. Construction will start near 51 Ave on the north bound lanes.


Obstructions in the bike path between 62 Avenue and 63 Avenue:

  • for the majority of this stretch, the path will be separated by a boulevard from the roadway. For the portion adjacent to 6250-122 Street, the curbline walk will be upgraded from the existing 2.5m to 3.5m in width, providing more room for cyclists and the bus bench. In addition, we will attempt to construct a small concrete pad off the back of the path at this location to house the bench, though the grades at this location may prevent us from being able to do so.
  • the hydrant closer to 63 Avenue is being relocated into the grass boulevard in front (and outside) of the asphalt shared use path.
  • the hydrant closer to 62 Avenue will end up in the grass boulevard in front (and outside) of the asphalt shared use path without having to be relocated.

Senior Care Facility:
The city is connecting with the facility to discuss its needs and for emergency access.

63 Ave Access:
There is very minimal construction in the 63 ave intersection so there will always be access at 63 Avenue.

62 Ave Access:
The 62 Avenue reconstruction will be done to maintain access for as much time as possible, however, there will be short timeframes (during the day) when the entire access will be closed while equipment is actually in the intersection. The City is aware of the school drive in traffic and school bus routings.

Trees on the west side of 122 Street:
Goal is to not impact trees as much as possible. Trees on the West side will not be impacted except, potentially two of the smaller elms on the West side between 62 and 63 ave in the berm area. City will confirm whether those two smaller elms will be affected once construction occurs near that area.

Trees on the east side of 122 Street:
Only the curb will be replaced this year on the East side of 122 St, so no trees will be impacted as construction area will be good distance away from the trees.

There will be extensive landscaping done with shrubbery and other plantings in the median (but no trees). The lanes are being narrowed slightly to help reduce traffic speed.