Grandview is bordered on the north by the North Saskatchewan River Valley and west by ravines that form part of the Whitemud Nature Reserve. The southern edge of the neighborhood faces the west 240 of the University Farm; and the eastern boundary is 122 street.

Lots of area to enjoy walking, running or cycling. In the winter one can cross country ski on the West 240 or go sledding on the toboggan hill at Whitemud Park.

Grandview is a small community of 347 homes, a 20 unit apartment building and CapitalCare Grandview Health Facility.

Grandview has no adjacent neighborhoods, though geographical close to Belgravia, Landsdowne and Brookside. The community has seniors, families with children (older and younger) singles and couples.

Our History

In 1882 the area of Grandview Heights was a land holding southwest of Edmonton settlement owned by the McCauley family.  It was first sub divided during the land boom of the early 1900's, but development did not occur immediately.  Grandview Heights was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1913 but remained beyond the limits of urban residential development until 1958 and 1960 when the land was subdivided into its current design.  The neighborhood then developed rapidly, and most development was completed prior to 1970.  

The name Grandview Heights dates from the 1880's when the area was first settled.  It is likely a reference to the views of the river and creek valleys at the north and west borders.  

From City of Edmonton - Neighborhood Profile