Heart of our Community

Our community hall and area is the heart of Grandview - lots of community social events plus events from our long term renters. See below for what they offer to our community.

Members Only

The Community Center is available only to members of Grandview Heights Community League with a current membership for occasional rentals.

Hall Rental Contact

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Rental Agreement

Remember, community membership is required for hall rental.

Hall Availability

Longer Term Renters

Find out more about some of our longer term renters:

Sunday mediation - Sunday mornings, open to public http://www.serenereflection.org/

Karate- Bushido Karate - Sunday nights, Tuesday and Friday nights, open to public http://www.edmonton-karate.com/

Big Band - Monday evenings - Herb Henley is resident of GVH. Contact herbhenley@hotmail.com for details

Hatha Yoga Classes - Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. Contact info@lisaworkman.com for details